Joe's beer nutz beer Club APRIL 2016



This beer is as truthful as it gets. In the way that the lemon is Big, and the Hops are easy. This beer borrows its fruitiness from a shandy, which makes it ideal for Memphis, or the Bayou, and the steamy summers we 'enjoy.' Pair with a porch fan w/ mister attachment, and you'll have more fun than a riverboat full o' crawfish.

40 IBU / 4.5% ABV

Honey Grail

Boudica's Uprising

Boudica was a Celtic Queen during the same Nero's Roman empire. Unlike current Celtic Warrior Shaemus, she did not need the pro-wrestling faction League of Nations to fight her battles, and she was one bad-A mother-celtic. 
This Mead, Yes, Mead, may not be the most hell raising mead you've ever come across, but she packs a punch. Combining the natural honey of mead with the effervesce of beer, this is where renaissance faire meets mead hall. Pairs well with fresh plundered livestock.

ABV 6.9% IBU's 4 shamrocks

Lazy Magnolia

Jeez Louise

Since we heard how fond each of you were of pepper beers, we decided we would get the peppers picked as local as possible. Combining Citra hops and Jalapeños sounds a little wild, but if you can't turn the heat up in Kiln, MS, where can you turn it up? The strange thing is how well it works, with the fleeting heat of a grilled jalapeño blending seamlessly into light melon fruit. Pairs well with a slow smoked Home Place Pastures pork shoulder, smothered in spicy BBQ sauce.

ABV 5.5% / 40 IBU's


7 Hop IPA

Rogue is really freakin into hops. Good thing too, cause so are we. They grow 8 different varieties of aroma hops on the Rogue farms, and have really embraced the farm-to-bottle movement with the #-Hop IPA series, starting at 4 and going up to 8 Hop IPA. Rogue is the Little Red Hen of brewing, doing every step that it takes to make this beer in house. This beer pairs best with 7 courses from the buffet after hitting the triple-7 jackpot in Tunica.

ABV 7.77% / IBU's 76 (really? not 77? ok)

Tennessee Brew Works

Walk The Lime

Brewing this beer with 100% wheat grains would be very difficult, if not for a Meura 2001 Micro mash filter, and luckily for us, TNBW has precisely this type of filter. This seasonal, says 'remember that time you tried that corporate lime beer, and said to yourself, "never again," but you knew you would break that promise. This is when you break that promise.' The soft wheat texture with the crisp, fresh lime makes this beer exactly what John Oliver wanted when Sepp Blatter stepped down. Pairs perfectly with Rockabilly, Country, and Rock & Roll. Also, Muscles.

ABV 5.4% 16 IBU's