Joe's beer nutz beer Club August 2016


12th of Never Ale

Lagunitas held firm on their stance to keep their beer in bottles indefinitely, citing the true environmental effect of cans, as well as their continued patronage to the bottled beer gods. Well, the 12th of Never has arrived in resinous, citrus form to allow launitas into the now not-so-exclusive pantheon of 550 breweries canning their beers. Following in the fossilized footsteps of Chief Oshkosh Red Lager, Lagunitas has canned a beer somewhere between a pale ale and an IPA with tropical fruit and citrus. To us, it doesn't matter what you call it, if you can drink it all night.

5.5% ABV / 45 IBU's

Oskar Blues

Priscilla White Wit Wheat

While not the very first to can craft beer, Oskar Blues are the O.G.'s of the game today. Brewed for over ten years, OB has released this beautiful, bready broad just in time to pay homage to The King Himself. Like Priscilla Presley, this beer has european roots in Belgian Wit style using coriander and orange peel, and expressing a tart lemon custard finish. In bright pink and chrome, this can rides in style, the same way The King used to.

5.2% ABV / 20 IBU's



Observing the Equinox since 1995, Lagunitas first brewed this beer named for the Equinox hops that they found during a spirit quest in Yakima Valley, Washington. Since then, both Lagunitas and Yakima have changed. They don't even grow a bunch of the hops that they originally used, so they had to bring in the only professionals that could renovate the old, outdated recipe, and give it a modern renovation: The Hopperty Brothers! These two guys have come in, torn out the old musty hops in favor of a more modern open-bottle concept, with contemporary cedar and pine accents to contrast the inherent Yakima citrus. The creamy farmhouse feel makes this beer welcoming throughout, and won't be available for long in this market.

8.4% ABV / 50 I.B.U.


30th Anniversary Belgian IPA

Nearly 300 years ago Belgians took a risk and choose to journey to America in search of a new life, and something better. 30 years ago the founders of Abita departed from macro beer, in search of something better, and a new life. Both of these parties choose Louisiana as their destination, and in the year 2016 these journeys cross paths again. Belgian yeast give this beer a fruity feel without the sweetness. The German Hallertau Blanc hops are not expressed the way that american hops come through; they are earthy and mellow, instead of in your face. It's like the difference between Bourbon Street and Up-Town NOLA. This 7% BIPA is true cause for celebration.

7% ABV / 65 IBU's