Joe's beer nutz beer Club December 2016

Oskar Blues

Death By Coconut

This 2014 GABF Silver Medal winner brings death to us all in the form of a simi-sweet chocolate stout. It gets its name and distinctive qualities from Cholaca, which is made from fair trade cacao and coconut sugar. That twinge of coconut fueled sweetness is what drives this beer into another echelon, and perhaps into a new holiday tradition for my family. You should probably pick up extra, because you know one of you in-laws will be drinking this beer the minute they get to your house.

6.5% ABV / 25 IBU's


Christmas Ale

Anchor has been along for a real long time. They collaborated with Sierra Nevada on almost every level, and they are both known as pioneers of craft beer. The tree on this year's label is known as the 1000 Mile Tree and was where other pioneers laid the 1000th mile of the UPC tracks running west.

Each year the brewing recipe is different, just like the label. This year's recipe tastes just like Christmas, with notes of nutmeg and clove studded oranges, and packs a little more punch. This year's secret recipe paired perfectly with setting up a Snow Village or any other family decorating activity.

ABV 6.5% / 20 IBU's


One Eyed Jacques

One Eyed Jacques is the first born child of new Tallgrass brewmaster Greg Papp. He has drawn on the Belgian influences of Allagash to create a big dark stout supported by Belgian yeast providing hints of bananas, and Belgian candi sugar providing sweetness. This is the kind of beer that keeps you warm all night, or stands in as desert.

ABV 9% / 10 IBU's


Coffee Break Happy Hour

I honestly did not expect this beer to be as good as it is. We had seen a streak of overly-acidic coffee beers, and looking at a porter, as opposed to a stout, with an overly long name, I only saw doom. A lesson was learned that day, when the first sip of this was everything the label promised, and much more. As an admitted coffee neophyte, I couldn't tell you all my favorite styles of coffee, but I could tell you that you were full of it if you tried to sell me some Snickerdoodle coffee from a cafe called Cups, but that is exactly what makes this beer so good. That and the instant drinkability. With roasted cinnamon stick mixed with spiced chocolate, this is a coffee beer that can make every hour a happy hour.

On top of all that, this beer benefits The Leapfrog Program, an after-school tutoring and enrichment program in Mississippi.

ABV 5% / 20 IBU's



and Chinook, 
and Simcoe, 
and Amarillo, 
and Warrior, 
and Centennial.

These six hops team up for the good of the realm to bring justice to the palates of the people, and overthrow those who seek to oppress flavor. With just enough sweet, biscuity malt to balance the power, righteousness and good vibes are spread through the piney resinous forest lands, to the lemon and grapefruit citrus fields of the coast. The Hopsecutioner himself dispenses the truth and justice of the 6 hop council in the form of a tasty brew, praised by the entire domain.

ABV 7.3% / 71 IBU's