Joe's beer nutz beer Club february 2016

New Belgium


Citradelic is the IPA that has answered the call of duty. People have asked for more, and more citrus and hops in their IPA’s. This beer includes 11 different hop varietals, as well as tangerine infused orange peel. They have changed the entire hop schedule for Citra hops in the united states to make this beer. With a good bit of sweetness and huge notes of orange you even have the right makings of a Beermosa, by just adding orange juice. You could even sub Citradelic for orange juice in you mimosa…

50 IBU / 6% ABV


Two Hearted Ale

One of the most highly anticipated releases in a long time. Bell’s has entered our market to much fanfare, and after having Two Hearted Ale you will know why. This is an insanely drinkable American style IPA that gives you hops and malt in perfect synchronization, so that you want to pop open another can immediately. The bright citrus is pleasant, and the piney notes, are like seeing a beautiful pine tree, and not being lost in a pine forest. People actually drank this beer so fast, that they had to add 4 ounces to the can, so that people could stop double fisting, and regain some level of productivity.

??? IBU / 7.0% ABV


Bourbon Street Rye Pale Ale

Like most New Orleans artwork, this beer involves creativity and a lot of alcohol. Starting out like a performance art blank canvas in Jackson square, the 4th version of Abita’s Bourbon Street series is given a fruity citrus component from Centennial hops, after cold aging this is the perfect base to express the barrel notes that come through after entering the Rye Whiskey barrels. After three months in the barrel it comes out more like something from a Magazine Street gallery than that caricature that you reluctantly commissioned as your only souvenir. You get soft notes of vanilla, oak, and caramel, without the punch in the face that you usually get from huge barrel aged beers.

22 IBU / 9.5% ABV