Joe's beer nutz beer Club january 2016

Sweet Water

Whiplash White IPA

This beer is bringing the neck brace into style one sip at a time, whether it is for spinal stabilization or just for winter warmth. Sweet Belgian yeast notes combine with citrus to ease you into what is sure to be a relaxing experience, when all the sudden your palate is assaulted by a bombardment of resinous American hops. Eventually this discomfort becomes what you are really enjoying about this beer. Give it some time

55 IBU / 6.2% ABV

Extra Credit: This beer uses Ahtanum hops, a small, compact hop varietal from Yakima Valley, WA. They're used to produce a sweet, slightly spicy or peppery aroma. (The more you know)



Somewhere in a dream-world amphitheater in the Catskill mountains, Rip Van Winkle is enjoying something that tastes just like Snowbeard. In fact, on one of these lazy winter days you too can join Ol' Rip, as Snowbeard wisps you away to its land of earthy hops that would have been familiar to the likes of Washington Irving. The hops profile on this beer is awesome right now, but if you let him take a Van Winkle style nap until early fall, you may be rewarded with more than a squirrel and a game of nine pins, as the candied fruit profile shows through even more.

110 IBU / 9.5% ABV

New Belgium

Side Trip Belgian Style Pale Ale

Think back to that impromptu Hostel in Brussels that you stayed in 25 years ago, between planned stops in Paris and Amsterdam? Well, neither does New Belgium, but they did start a brewery inspired by what they learned there. This beer is a tribute to that. Including malts from Castle Malting, Belgian dark candi sugar, yeasts from Brouwerij van den Bossche, and Hops from Poperinge, Belgium. The sweet malt and fruity esters would pair perfectly with a pork loin.

22 IBU / 5.7% ABV

Extra Credit: Brewmaster Peter Bouckaert discovered the yeast in this beer on a side tripwhile sipping a Buffalo Belgian Bitter from Brouwerji Van Den Bossche.

New Belgium


Captain gluten has been made to walk the plank, and the ship has been commandeered by crew of motley gluten-sensitive mongrels. They are setting seas for tropical aromas of papaya, mango, pineapple, grapefruit, and lemon. The astrolabe is pointing them in the direction of an easy, but satisfying course. Finally, a mutiny we can all get behind.

30 IBU / 6% ABV

Extra Credit: Glutiny is a gluten-removed beer that is brewed with barley malt. The Brewers ClarexTM breaks down the gluten proteins, so it tastes good, and gluten-sensitive people can still drink it; a rare combination.