Joe's beer nutz beer Club July 2016


Wilco Tango Foxtrot Ale

Rather the name invokes your love for Yankee Foxtrot Hotel, economic pessimism, military shorthand, or The Shield theme song, everybody speaks WTF. Formerly known as Correction Ale and Recovery Ale, WTF seemed like it made about as much sense as any political commentary these days. But when the world just doesn't make sense these days, a beer like this is what you need. Slow down. Take a second for yourself and your thoughts. Enjoy not having to think about why this beer is so good(It's the rich body, earthy hops, and dark malt), cause WTF not.

ABV 7.85% / 64.20 IBU's


Bourbon Street series Coffee Stout

If there is one thing that you associate Bourbon Street with it is alcohol. Fun, beads, things that cause beads to fall, and Lucky Dogs all come to mind, but since this is a beer that is aged in Bourbon barrels, lets say booze is #1. When you visit Bourbon Street, and eventually wake up somewhere that is, hopefully, far away, you will need coffee.

Luckily due to a nice French heritage, NOLA makes good coffee, and PJ's Coffee makes a damn good cup of joe. So Abita combined their stout with PJ's coffee, and put it in "someone's" "unknown" Bourbon barrels, and decided that the middle of summer was the most logical time to release this beautiful bomber. Thanks to air conditioning and the human will, you can enjoy this beer now, or age it until you need a winter pick-me-up. I think you should probably drink one now, and buy another to cellar, but thats just the coffee talking.

ABV 10% / IBU's? maybe PJ's Espresso Dolce