Joe's beer nutz beer Club June 2016


Raspberry Jam

This Berliner Weisse, that is more tart than sour, has me Grateful for the German syrup incident, and the sweet, mellow vibes that their syrups endowed to their tart wheat tradition. Their original Berliner Weisse was originally served to barstools and dreamers at the Tallgrass Tap Room with an ounce of raspberry syrup on the side, to achieve balance.

Although it was brewed with 7,000 lbs of fresh raspberries per batch, this beer did not take on the traditional color of raspberries: red. Instead it has a clear straw-colored body. If, between ribs and whiskey, you're drinking it out of the can in your back yard, then none of this color stuff matters. Rather you are a space wrangler or red hot mama, this beer will get you out of the malaise, and up and moving.

"This is the perfect summer beer." 
-Anonymous Beer Nutz member(w/ huge smile)

ABV 4.3% / IBU's may go to 11

Blue Pants

Imperial Pils

So Blue Pants heard that summer is when people say, "It's too hot to drink anything other than a pilsner." They all got this look on their face that collectively said, 'Oh, you'll only drink a pilsner, then. Well we've got a pilsner for you!' There are debates over wether or not there were muahahaha's exchanged at that point, but what can't be debated, is the full flavor profile on this name-worthy Imperial Pilsner. This superb balance was achieved by european means with Weyermann Premium Pilsner malts, Hallertauer Tradition, Hallertauer Mittlefru, & Tettnanger Tettnang hops, with bottom-fermenting Munich yeast tying this whole bavarian-style beverage together, like The Dude's rug.

ABV 8% / 45 IBU's