Joe's beer nutz beer Club march 2016

Straffe Hendrik


The last authentic Triple ale of Bruges, Straffe Hendrik AKA Strong Henry is the high-test line from Halve Maan Brewing. We have been hearing the cheers of ‘HALF MAN!’ for a while, but as the cap and logo suggests, this is for Half Moon and not cheers for Tyrion Lannister. This beer is not found anywhere else in Memphis, and it was worth the effort to get it into Joe’s. With a strong malt backbone, and well positioned European hops, the addition of Brett (aka Brettanomyces: a wild fermenting yeast strain) it does not pucker lips like some sours,but instead gives S.H.W. orange peel and citrus, with only the slightest tart and refreshing finish.

35 IBU / 9% ABV


Mango Magnifico con Calor

Beer Nutz, Meet Mango. Get Cozy with Mango. Mango may seem immediately aggressive and aromatic, but can you take the soul out of Blues? Mango will dance fruitfully across your palette until you can’t take any more, but can you tell Zach Randolph to back down? Towards the end, Habanero may say, “You cannot have the Mango!” You may feel lost. But the truth is that Mango was there the entire time. ¡¡¡Such is Mango Magnifico con Calor!!!

10% ABV


Bourbon Street Rye Pale Ale

Like most New Orleans artwork, this beer involves creativity and a lot of alcohol. Starting out like a performance art blank canvas in Jackson square, the 4th version of Abita’s Bourbon Street series is given a fruity citrus component from Centennial hops, after cold aging this is the perfect base to express the barrel notes that come through after entering the Rye Whiskey barrels. After three months in the barrel it comes out more like something from a Magazine Street gallery than that caricature that you reluctantly commissioned as your only souvenir. You get soft notes of vanilla, oak, and caramel, without the punch in the face that you usually get from huge barrel aged beers.

22 IBU / 9.5% ABV