Joe's beer nutz beer Club MAY 2016

New Belgium / Hof Ten Dormaal

Golden Ale

In the midst of this beer review, I met a Dutch military man by the name of Dennis. Since this is not a long-format column, I will omit details not pertaining to this Beer. He shared with me the wonderthe tragedy, and the success that is Hof Ten Dormaal, as well as translated an 8 minute video. You'll need your own Dutch friend for that. 
This colab between New Belgium and Hof Ten Dormaal, is one of true passion. This beer tells it in the form of malted sunflower seeds, which are like malted rye, but spicier, along with the noble hop Saaz, which instead of bittering, supplies more spiciness along with earthiness and mild aroma. They also use carrot herbs and the relict grain Spelt, which is what the Dutch use to make Jenever, leave you with a nutty, citrus, and tropical finish.

7% ABV / 20 IBU's


Half Pipe

We're This Tart Pale Ale immediately pops a gnarly citrus kick-flip into your beak. You thought you were come to the club and never try a slammin' sour brewski that you liked?? As, if!!! 
While not as dank as that last Phish show at the Colosseum, the hops come through as funky fresh. At only 5% you can throw-down without getting super-throwed.

5% ABV / 20 IBU's


Men Not Machines

The mediator between the brain and the hands must be the heart, and the mediator between the beer and the belly must be the mouth. 300 pounds of popcorn and just as many man hours were needed to produce this beautiful bomber, and it will lubricate the cogs of productivity, wisdom, and livelyness with a slightly sweet malt-driven body. Without the beer, there can be no understanding between the man and the mind. The Mediator has been called!

6.1% ABV / 35 IBU's


Honey Barrel Brown Ale

Making your own beer can be dificult. Making your own Bourbon can be tough. Making your own beer inside of your own Bourbon barrels is an example of synergy superior to that of any corporation known to man. You sure can smell the synergy on this beer immediately, with brown sugar, bourbon, and vanilla showing through. On the mid-palate those three are manifested, and joined by caramel, minimal hops, and a lingering spicy ginger. That all combines to mask any heat from alcohol, and leave you with a sweet, synergistic sipper using local honey and hops.

10% ABV / 10 IBU's