Joe's beer nutz beer Club OCTOBER 2016



Backwoods Bastard

You may be thinking, Hey I've seen this Backwoods bumpkin in the Beer Club before! Well, you would be both right and wrong. This Beer is different from that beer, and will continue to be different every year, like wine vintages. If you did decide to hang on to a bottle from last year, now you can compare the two, and see how aging has effected it. This Belly warming Bastard hits all the right spots, tasting like a rich american single-malt, with smooth caramel notes from the Bourbon Barrel. While high in alcohol, Dirty Bastard's off-grid cousin does not split your palate open like firewood, but will warm you up, like his cast-iron stove warms his shack. We only got enough for the beer club this year, but if you want extra, it is on draft right now!

ABV 11.2% / 50 IBU's


Backpacker Brown

This is a Cascade mountain range hike through your mouth. Bright hops on the nose keep you from picking up the normal toasted malts of a brown ale that hide crater(lake)-deep inside of this beer. Let it warm up a little to find where that brown ale really is, but the massive amount of citrus pith and pine resin. It goes down really easily with a burger, and might be better paired with food, than with an actual mountain.

ABV 6.2% / 70 IBU's



Idaho 7 IPA

One of the newer trends in craft beer is Single-hop IPA's. They showcase what one hop has to offer. While the name "Idaho 7" is not quite as sexy as Centennial or Cascade, this hop has an amazing range of tropical fruit characteristics. It may sound like this is all about the hop, but that's pretty much the point of single-hop IPA's. Rising hop prices led Jackson Hop Farm in Wilder, Idaho into the market, where they have produced experimental, organic hops, and found that they can produce hops alomst as well as their buddies in the Yakima Valley (Washington).

ABV 6.5% / 84 IBU's


Vanilla Dog

One of Abita's first specialty releases was Turbo Dog, which is now their year-round brown ale. Now Turbo Dog has it's own variant specialty beer. Brewed with whole vanilla beans that don't take over the beer, and instead compliment the great toffee and chocolate elements that Turbo Dog already features. This dog is begging for a bonfire, s'mores, and something fleece.

ABV 6.5% / 30 IBU's