Joe's beer nutz beer Club OCTOBER 2016

Blue Pants

Dry Hopped Citra Sour

Blue Pants continues to experiment in ways that bring new variations of beer styles to our market. We've seen plenty of dry-hopped ales, and a few kettle soured ale's, but this is the first single-hop, dry-hop, kettle-soured ale that we have seen in town, so we decided the beer club needed an opportunity. The Lacto and Citra comes trough in the form of cherry, pineapple, & mango. It is great right now, but will continue to develop over the next 5 years.

5.5% ABV / 40 IBU's


Bourbon Street Chocolate Stout

If you are a fan of candy bars dipped in Bourbon, then we have a beer for you. Abita has proven time after time that they know what people expect out of a trip to New Orleans; Booze, Sweet treats, and more Booze. This beer is very straightforward, and ready to drink just in time for fall. You can also pair it with that Abita Coffee Stout that you have been aging since July!

10.5 ABV / Very Little IBU's