Joe's beer nutz beer Club August 2015

Tallgrass brewing co.

8-bit ipa

Think of your old video game experience. Now substitute the soda can you popped with your buddies this pale ale that was run through a "Hop Rocket" full of hops endowing a tropical hop profile to the beer, and Star Power* to its drinker! 
Now Plug in your old system, blow on the cartridge, and push start on this fragrant pale ale that your can drink again and again.

*Star Power not included in all models

40 IBU / 5.2% ABV 

These guys have pretty great videos, which you can see below each beer.


buffalo sweat oatmeal cream stout

The name of this beer is misleading for multiple reasons, namely the whole sweat part. While you usually don't need a stout to make you sweat though the dog days of summer, the thought of a stout can usually do it on its own. This is not the case with this beer, as its lighter body and creaminess put your tongue on a cloud outlined in espresso. Like Homer Bufflekill, you can kill as many of these as you want (but probably don't start off shotgunning one; that's just reckless).

20 IBU / 5% ABV


ethos ipa

Eons before we were around, and even before the first beer blogger crawled from his native ooze, our ancestors were visited by creatures only known as the Ethos. As the cave paintings tell us, the Ethos endowed our nuckle-dragging brethren with the secret to fermentation, which eventually led them to brew a double dry hopped IPA with 6 different hop varieties(possibly Columbus, Crystal, Cascade, Willamette, Centennial, Amarillo). This beer is a tribute to the IPA's of our cave dwelling ancestors, who likely matched its profile to the pine needles and citrus fruits they were able to forage before their enlightenment.

110 IBU / 6.8% ABV


pub ale

Don't overthink this one. This slightly nutty brown ale is a great _Gateway Beer_*, and a great respite for your palate. Do you need something to go perfectly with that mushroom-swiss burger you're grilling, or do you just need something to drink while you are grilling the aforementioned burger? 

*A Gateway Beer is a beer that you can give to a less-enlightened light beer drinker, which they will appreciate for the bold amount of flavor, but it will not scare them off with too much malt or hops, and may even be their gateway into craft beer.

12 IBU / 4.4% ABV


Velvet rooster Belgian-Style Tripel Ale

While less kitsch than most of the velvet Elvis paintings we might be used to, this Velvet Rooster is a canned Belgian-style style ale puts the trip in tripel, transporting you to to breakfast in a Belgian farmhouse with a spread of biscuits, jam, and of course Belgian beer. 

34 IBU / 8.5% ABV


Zombie monkey robust porter

The Zombie Monkie was conceived at a top-secret Plum Island facility as part of a US government program, code-named Operation Bananarama. These zombie monkies were designed for war, but were redesigned to rain down havoc, chaos, & terror upon unsuspecting palates. The results were catastrophic, as many people were blown away by rabid roasted malt, that could only be checked by sly citrus. Only those with natural or acquired resistance made it through the struggle into a new dawn of craft beer.

35 IBU / 6.2% ABV