Joe's beer nutz beer Club december 2015

Dogfish Head

Piercing Pils

This schizo holiday hybrid was concocted in one of Santa's secret satellite labs rumored to be located near Milton, Delaware. Cross-breeding a Czech Pils and a Perry, this beer includes pear juice, pear tea, and the pilsner main-stay Saaz hops. Did you over do it at your office Christmas party, or do you plan on overdoing it and bringing up stuff from August that really pissed you off? Good, me neither, but this would be the perfect next-day drink for that imaginary person coming to terms with their decisions in the form of a bright and lively beer with the mellow tones of pear tea meeting the refreshing pear juice in the middle and ending bone dry with a much more forgiving bitter taste in your mouth, than the one you've had to put up with for 11 months in a row.

35 IBU / 6% ABV



Ameliorate means means to make better-er, but it would be pretty tough to ameliorate the Ameliorator, which, contrary to popular belief, is not an Emilio Estevez tribute beer, but a supremely tasty Dopplebock. This supremely malty, strikingly sippable bock came from monks drinking it in place of eating during times of fast. While we don't know any monks that work at Wiseacre, we do know a couple wiseacres that have sustained themselves solely on a similar liquid diet. This intense dedication to their craft and their monastic precision is most likely what led them to dopplebock that even worshipers of the pagan gods would approve of.

15 IBU / 8.5% ABV

Goose Island

Festivity Ale

Just in case you didn't get enough Goose Island this holiday season, here is their holiday ale. They change the recipe for this holiday brown ale every year, but I think they could stop with this recipe and leave people full of joy for the next few years. Caramel and dark fruits lay deep within this surprise of a brown ale, which shows impressive restraint with the aforementioned fruits and spices.

50 IBU / 7.7% ABV


Festive Ale

Thanks to SweetWater's most recent expansion, this strong dark ale has gone from a wax-dipped extra rare offering, to something that we can finally get enough for the beer club to enjoy together. The smell of your tacky sweater the day after the holiday party where you drunkenly decided to stand by the fire pit despite the 30-degree temperatures and plenty of room inside, could easily be confused with the smell of Bacon that this beer selflessly gives to us. Cinnamon and Mace complete the big Christmas Cornucopia of flavor that will be sure warm you up. If you happen to put a couple bottles of this into the basement tree-ornament box, you would get an early christmas present next year that would really help you kick-start that holidays, or at least get you through the first round of tree decoration.

23 IBU / 8.1% ABV