Joe's beer nutz beer Club June 2015

Southern Tier


Go grab a Champagne flute and prepare a toast, because this is about as close as the beer world get to Brut Champagne (Other than Miller High Life, of course). With an extremely dry palate, this bottle conditioned imperial sparkling ale is teeming with carbonation and a bright bouquet of floral aromas. The flavors are not over-complicated: there is soda biscuit followed by colorful citrus. When pouring this beer into a glass, a mug, or your mouth, you can skip the yeasty sediment at the bottom, as it may upset your stomach. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a muggy Memphis night to enjoy this bright, beautiful beer.

38 IBU / 9% ABV 


Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale

Lagunitas is proceeded by their reputation in many ways, their world-class level of brewing included, but at one point the brewery was shut down for illicit behavior. If you want to know the story, in a low voice mention the password: St. Patrick's Day Massacre... or google it. This tribute beer is "Unforgiven and Unrepentant" in its style, which is tough to classify, although I would say it is very similar to an ESB with aggressive dark malts that balance out a healthy serving of hops. This beer is best enjoyed with a serving of angst for the Man, as he tries to get you down.

66.6 IBU / 9.3% ABV

New Holland

Dragon's Milk

Struggling from Game of Thrones withdrawals? Us too. Let New Holland Dragon's Milk bring you comfort, and then take you on a soaring journey over the Dothraki Sea of green to a Bourbon Barrel aged holdfast, with halls of vanilla and malt. All of these rich dark malts and characteristics yielded from the barrel would pair great with the ever-impending winter, but will also pair perfectly with a fire roasted lamb or something put on your smoker for hours. You can also enjoy it for a sweet desert. Trust those crispy Sons of the Harpy, this will be the easiest access you ever have to dragon's milk.

31 IBU / 11% ABV