Joe's beer nutz beer Club July 2015


Kentucky Old Fashioned Barrel Ale

 You may have noticed that we love drinking at Joe’s. We love craft beer just as much as craft cocktails. As you can imagine, we were pretty pumped when we heard about a beer being aged inside of barrels that once held the ingredients to one of the quintessential craft cocktails. While it is not exactly an Old Fashioned in a bottle, this beer mixes my old memories of cherry-vanilla floats, with my newer memories of cherry-vanilla-Bourbon floats. Although it is not exactly a lawnmower beer, it is easy to drink, unlike most barrel aged beers of the ilk that might actually kill you if you turn one up too fast in the middle of summer in Memphis.

10 IBU / 10% ABV 

Blue Pants

Candy Bar Pinstripe Stout

This is a bar of candy melted down in a top-secret laboratory, rumored to be somewhere very close to a NASA test sight. Using an advanced demoleculariztion process, the Scientists at Blue Pants were able to denature a Snickers bar into a liquid, with the flavor of 10 bars. The only issue was that when you combine Caramel malt, Munich malt, and Chocolate malt around sea level extreme sublimation problems occur. Their solution: make this Pinstripe in a closed system under 10 atmospheres of pressure, or roughly 10 bars of pressure. This is only postulation, but these thick chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter flavors could be achieved no other way.

10 IBU / 8% ABV