Joe's beer nutz beer Club november 2015


Bourbon Street Maple Pecan Nut Brown Ale

With more modifiers than there are dive bars in New Orleans, this Bourbon barrel aged pecan nut brown ale, is full of flavor. This comes from toasted pecans and maple syrup being added to the beer, which is then barrel aged for 2 months. While this may be a relatively short time, this is about the right amount of time for the beer to come to terms with its French-Canadian heritage. It’s not too sweet, but with temperatures dropping, this beer is gonna be your buddy, guy! 

18 IBU / 8.5% ABV


Bad Mother Shucker

You may read ‘Oyster Stout’ on the label and say, “What type of hipster bull$#!+ is this?!” While this beer may give you some hipster street cred, it is actually a style dating back to Victorian times, when ‘oyster stout’ just meant throwing down some oysters during a pub drinking session. The bittersweet stouts were paired with their juicy, briny foils in perfect harmony. Abita pairs their stout and shellfish by dropping bags of fresh gulf oysters into the boil to give a nice measure of salinity to the stout, which already features roasty mocha notes of bitter sweetness. Which one is your beer? It’s the one that says Bad Mother Shucker. Now, tell that beer to be cool! 

45 IBU / 8% ABV

Sierra Nevada


Although not as hard to find as its mysterious namesake, the Narwhal, or the Narwhal’s mystical cousin, the Unicorn, this beer only migrates through these parts from November through December. Narwhal is a commotion in your mouth of bittersweet cocoa & espresso, but with a whale of a body, this Jedi of the sea is much darker in complexion than its namesake. The Polar Bear punching 10.2% ABV is beautifully integrated into this majestic creature. Narwhal, Narwhal, this beer is a Narwhal.

60 IBU / 10.2% ABV


Backwoods Bastard

Paddling faster won’t save you from this Bastard’s bourbon fueled rage. With production increasing, and no exclusive barrel contract, there is yearly variation in this Wee-Heavy Hillbilly. The alcohol also varies to the tune of 11.6% this year, after last year’s redneck was only 10.2%. Try this Bumpkin now, and decide quickly if this is something you want to age, as he changes from a thick vanilla and molasses mongoloid, to a thinner clodhopper of a Tootsie Roll. Age 3-4 years.

50 IBU / 11.6% ABV