Joe's beer nutz beer Club october 2015


Imperial Pils

Lagunitas, voted time and time again "Best brewery to be at the day marijuana is legalized in California" delivers to us, this high-octane Imperial Pilsner. Perhaps Lagunitas says it best "Now American-born ales have usurped all of the imperialness there is to usurp and for the PILS to rise again, like every aspiration-ridden social ladder-climb-ing creature on the planet it must furthur evolve... This is that!" This rich, golden beverage offers a nose with sweet honey, grass, bread, delicate floral hops, and lemon peel. Creamy but only medium bodied, this velvety palate brings sweet malt initially but is nicely balanced by hops. A short but tasty finish offers up black pepper, dried herbs, and lemon zest.

57 IBU / 8.6% ABV 

Blue Pants

Imperial Stout

The Cold War is alive and well: you might even say hot. Not hot like a 13.5% imperial stout mind you but that's not what we're getting at. Russia sued Blue Pants Brewery!! The KGB has been focusing most of their Soviet spying on maintaining the mother country's grandeur. Imagine how they felt when Blue Pants Brewery put the Russian Coat of Arms on their fall release? The world was again at the brink of collapse as we all went about our daily routines none the wiser. To Blue Pants credit, they saved us all with a quick fix. A yellow dot that brought about an end to the red scare. Milk chocolate, roasted coffee and Worcestershire are abundant on both the nose and palate of this rich Imperial Stout. The impression of heat is actually not present on the palate but shows up on the finish. Be careful with this one, fellow agents.

13.5% ABV