Joe's beer nutz beer Club september 2015


Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout

Continuing the tradition of great beers from the brewery voted most likely in their class to be run by Skynet, Alltech’s Bourbon Barrel Stout will make you self –aware of your desires for barrel-aging and coffee in your beer. Huge roasted notes of Haitian coffee & Bourbon are blasted into your nose immediately, as if from the barrel of a sawed off shotgun. Aging in Bourbon Barrels from Alltech’s own distillery(they even have a winery too!) fleshes out a very strong hyperalloy endoskeleton of roasted malt and caramel. Judgement day may come sooner than you expected with this 8% ABV stout, so the Resistance will have to be very strong.

0 IBU / 8% ABV 

Southern Prohibition

Soul Glo saison

You don’t have to cut off your Prince’s lock, but this beer may be all the things you’ve always wanted a saison to be: spicy, fruity, tasty as 1-2-3! With a style that may be more brewing philosophy than exact style, every brewer from Wallonia to Zamunda has their own take on saison. This saison has fruity esters for days, and at a sneaky 8.4% can hit you almost as hard as Joe Lewis(or Rocky Marciano). Finishing as smooth as a lion shawl, this beer has bottle conditioned perfectly through summer, and is in its prime right now. The royal saison is tasty, your highness.

15 IBU / 8.4% ABV