Joe's Winos Wine Club march 2015

Grochau Cellars

Pinot Blanc 2013 Willamette Valley

Grochau Cellars was founded in 2002 in the midst of one of Oregon’s finest vintages ever. Their approach to wine is very simple; they just get out of the way of good quality fruit. They don’t manipulate or beat the wine down with new oak. Their wines are pure in their expression & so full of life.  The vineyard that this Pinot Blanc is sourced from sits deep in the Van Duzer corridor meaning it gets an abundance of cool air.  That cooler micro-climate means the grapes can ripen slowly & develop the perfect acid to sugar ratio.  It is aged 6 months Sur Lie which means it is aged in contact with the dead yeast cells which are stirred up by hand every so often.  This brings a roundness to the mid palate that off sets the high acidity.


Saffron risotto with crab; Zucchini with pesto, raw oysters with mignonette.

Vina Bujanda

Crianza 2010 Rioja

Rioja is the traditional home of the grape type Tempranillo. Many new world regions (specifically Washington) are experimenting with this noble grape but it is here where its history & old vines make it shine.  Nowhere else does it express its earthiness that can range from dusty soil to tobacco to cedar & more.  One of the only positive things to come about from Francisco Franco’s dictatorship was that he made it illegal to farm any grapes besides what was indigenous.  Therefore Spain didn’t see the influx of French grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon the way other regions did. This law meant that the old vine Tempranillo (& other indigenous varieties) was preserved & still flourish to this day. This particular wine is designated a “Crianza” which means by law it has to be aged for at least 2 years.  It has a mouth filling texture that doesn’t necessarily overwhelm the palate. It displays a beautiful grip with flavors of ripe black fruits & pungent spices.


Braised & wood fired lamb belly, grilled pork.