Passport to France is coming up very quickly! See below for info on entry times, where the event is specifically, and a sample copy of the brochures you'll receive when you arrive at the event. We've laid the tables out roughly by region (except Champagne which is scattered throughout the tasting) to encourage exploration and comparison. 

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VIP $60.00 tickets enter at 5PM, all other $50.00 tickets enter at 6PM

We also don't want to leave you standing around so please arrive near (or after) your tickets entry time. 

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rust hall gallery at MCA

This event will take place in Memphis College of Art's Rust Hall. There's parking on the street and to the north of the building. We do encourage you to take a Lyft, Uber or Taxi as there will be a large amount of wines and spirits to sample. 

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Enjoy the art

Enjoy the Best in Class 2016/2017 Exhibition! Featuring the “best of the best” as selected by faculty in each department, Best in Class features work from students in all grade levels. The show represents student work that faculty felt best accomplished the goals of their respective class.