Joe's Winos Wine Club august 2018

Vadiaperti Coda di Volpe Btl.png



Visitors to Vadiaperti are often surprised to sink knee deep into the clay rich, ancient volcanic soils that make up the Coda Di Volpe vineyards. The volcanic soils are excellent at water retention and help the vines survive the scorching summers of Northern Campania. Vadiaperti was the first producer in Campania to bottle their native grapes as single varietals. These three varietals include Fiano, a favorite of the ancient Romans and Greco, brought to Campania 2,500 years ago by ancient Greek. The other grape is the rare Coda di Volpe or "Tail of the Fox" named after its thick grape bunches resembling a fox's tail. This juicy, tangy wine is unique and delicious with a nose of yellow flowers, orange marmalade, wet stone, cucumber, dill and honeysuckle. The palate is lush and savory with peach, key lime, chrysanthemum, lemongrass, under-ripe melon, thyme, cashew and honey. Lovely tight minerality and plenty of balancing acidity lead to a distinct beeswax finish.


Pasta aioli, grilled fish, guacamole, marinated olives, braised halibut with preserved lemons and pistachios

Domaine De Mus Btl.png



Carménère almost didn't make it. The root eating aphid Phylloxera was responsible for the Great French Wine Blight of 1867 wiping out the majority of vines in France. Bordeaux, the only known home to the grape Carménère, was all but completely decimated. This spicy grape was thought to be extinct for over 100 years until 1994 when it rediscovered in Chile where is was mistaken for Merlot plantings. Chile continues to produce the majority of Carménère but the grape has since its rediscovery, slowly been reintroduced to France and even shown up in some traditional Bordeaux blends. Domaine de Mus has planted Carménère on their ancient estate in the Languedoc region of Southern France and offers a bright, highly drinkable new perspective on this historic grape. Aromas of rose, violet, Balsamic, leather, green peppercorn, cherry pipe tobacco, nutmeg, eucalyptus, and rosemary lead to a velvety, medium bodied palate. Silky and spicy with lots of black pepper, crushed black cherries, Portobello mushrooms, bakers chocolate, cured meat, and herbs de Provence.


Smoked or grilled meats, Korean BBQ, Cuban-style Roast Pork, Lamb with Mint, Stuffed Peppers, Lentils.