Joe's Winos Wine Club december 2015

Juve & Camps

"Essential" Xarel·lo Reserva Brut 2013

Juvé y Camps is located in San Sadurní d’Anoia, a small town in the Penedès region, not far from Barcelona, in north-eastern Spain. The winery has held fast to traditional Spanish sparkling methods using the classic three varietals of the region: Macabeu, Parellada and Xarel·lo. To showcase the unique characteristics of the Xarel·lo varietal, often considered the backbone of Cava, Juve y Camps has released this limited run "Essential" 2013 Reserva Brut. The Xarel·lo grape offers floral and textually lusher qualities when featured on its own. A nose of Asian Pear, white flowers, honeysuckle, and Lychee offer an inviting and very fresh style of Cava. The palate bring a healthy mousse accompanied by a lanolin, mouth-coating quality. The palate offers spiced yellow apple and lemon peel. A delightful, unique and very user-friendly holiday offering for yourself and company alike.


Salmon Blinis, Goat Cheese, Sushi

El Esteco

Malbec Calchaqui Valley, Argentina 2012

Located in the barren Calchaqui Valley in Northern Argentina lies some of the world’s highest vines (1800 meters / 6000 feet above sea level). These high altitude vines are exposed to cooler nights, preserving acidity. UV rays are also more intense at high altitudes, forcing varietals to build up thicker skins. This translates to more intense aromatics. El Esteco is a truly unique expression of Malbec complimenting its lovely range of red and black fruit with an incredible complex secondary profile. The nose offers bright red fruit, candied black cherry, raspberry, black and blueberry intermingled with leather, bacon fat, spice box, portabello mushroom, old cedar, rhubarb, and soy. The palate is silky, dark and elegant bringing pomegranate, bacon fat and roasted red pepper followed by a long black pepper finish. A truly unique wine from an undiscovered region.


Marinated and Grilled Lamb, Charcuterie, Asian Barbecued Ribs