Joe's Winos Wine Club May 2017



Just in time for all of your summer activities! Attitude Rose is the newest venture from famed Loire Valley producer Pascal Jolivet. This is the first time this Rosé has been in our market and it is exclusively available at Joe's. Pascal Jolivet's was founded in 1987 with 120 acres of vineyards in the Loire's most coveted growing regions. Attitude's wines are sourced from a single 57-acre estate located to the west of Sancerre in Touraine. Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and Gamay growing on a mix of sandy soils are harvested and blended in equal parts. This lean, clean rosé offers a nose of bright peach, strawberry, white pepper, wet stone, cherry, and watermelon rind. The palate is very crisp and light with plenty of lime peel, fresh herbs, and a salty, mineral texture that opens up to finish with plum and Rainier cherries. For those who still have some misgivings about the rosé category, this light, dry rosé is an easy alternative to those summertime whites we seek out in the heat. Not to be served ice cold; at 55°F, this wine's many nuances come alive.


Seafood Ceviche, light salad with goat cheese, grilled fish.



Contrary to what its name may suggest, Petite Sirah is not actually small Syrah. This inky wine is a cousin varietal to Syrah that, for a century or so, went by the less appealing name Durif. Botanist Francois Durif first created the grape in eastern France around 1868 by cross-breeding Syrah with even more obscure Alsatian varietal, Peloursin. French support for this small berried varietal was limited to only one appellation in Provence: Palette. Petite Sirah is actually still very scarce with only 10,000 vines planted across the globe with the vast majority of those in California. One of the darkest, full bodied, and often tannic of all varietals, this grape has die-hard followers but can also be divisive. Vinum Cellars Petite Sirah is not only vastly more approachable than many of its peers, but also maintains all the varietal character that makes this grape so unique. Huge notes of blueberry, blackberry, figs, smoke, black pepper, and anise seeds dominate the nose. The full-bodied palate brings loads of purple fruit, black pepper, and chewy tannins. Be ready for this monster!


Beef burgers with caramelized onions, roast pork, sauteed mushrooms.