Joe's Winos Wine Club october 2017

Monsters Attack Riesling Btl.png



When Master Sommelier and coauthor of The World Atlas of Wine, Jancis Robinson was asked what two varietals most definitively expressed their terroir, she replied "Pinot Noir and Riesling". Relatively low alcohol and bright acidity make Riesling an ideal wine for a wide range of pairings but also as a stand-alone sipper. Germany and Alsace are often synonymous with great Riesling but, as dry Rieslings go, Australia's Clare Valley has become world class. One of Australia's oldest growing regions, Clare Valley lies on the South Western tip of the South Australia region. The area is known for it's Rieslings and their distinctive petrol aromatic notes. I know smelling like a kerosene lamp might sound odd but it's strangely addicting. The Wine By Some Young Punks collective deliver a Riesling with enough character to match its Monsters, Monsters Attack! label. The nose offers the characteristic petrol notes accompanied by jasmine, honeysuckle, lemon blossom and golden delicious apples. The palate brings a perfect balance of juicy ripe fruit and bright, mouthwatering acidity. Tart kumquat, starfruit, pear, green apples and prickly pear lead to a white pepper and zingy lime peel finish.


Perfectly matches spicy Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Sashimi, Shellfish or goat cheese.

Copertino Red Btl.png



On the heel of Italy's boot lies Puglia. This ancient wine growing region named the "Land of Wine" by the ancient Greeks. Today, this region is still a go-to for rustic, wild Italian reds at very good price points. The Copertino DOC was established in 1935 to produce higher quality wines from the indigenous grapes of the region. This blend of 95% Negoramaro and 5% Malvasia Nera is aged for a minimum of 2 years at the estate. The quality focused Cantina Sociale Cooperativa has taken aging a good bit further with 2008 being their current release. This aging in large oak casts followed by many years in bottle have allowed the tannins to dissipate and the fruit to give way to abundant secondary characteristics. The nose is a complex array of sour cherry, sourdough, damp earth , cigar box, leather, barnyard and mushrooms. The palate is velvety and medium to light bodied with cooked down mulberries, cherry pit, cedar, nutmeg and cinnamon. At a very reasonable asking price, there is no other wine in our market made in this rustic, earthy style.


Sausage and mushroom dishes, charcuterie, funky cheeses (Époisses de Bourgogne, Limburger), venison or lamb grilled or stewed.